About New England Fall Events

NEFE_circle_230x.jpgNew England Fall Events is born from the dream that people should be able to find clever, interesting, fun, and educational activities quickly and efficiently—to enable them to enjoy more time together and spend less time at the computer trying to drum up what to do and how to prepare for it.
Founder Alexandra De Collibus' first-hand experience with the very places she writes about enables her to provide expert tips for families so they can get the most from the adventure and help make for a memorable trip. 

As a lover of local food and fall culture, Alexandra highlights the plentiful harvest festivals and local food celebrations that bring people together and fill their bellies along the way. New England Fall Events is a celebration of our historic, proud region and the local farms, businesses, activities and traditions that make New England synonymous with fall. 
New England Fall Events a website for New Englanders, by a New Englander.

About Alexandra De Collibus

Alexandra_New England Fall Events_Smaller.jpgNative to the Bay State, Alexandra De Collibus harbors a deep seated love of New England and shares its saucy passion for sports. She grew up in a family where it was commonplace to hop in the family Volvo for a spontaneous road trip along winding back roads. From these encounters grew Alexandra’s appreciation of the unique culture and landscape of New England—and probably how she acquired her poor sense of direction.

Through her decade-long career as a parent-child yoga teacher, Alexandra knows the value of developing seasonal family traditions and carving out time for special outings; after all, it is these moments where childhood and family memories are created and treasured. Moreover, being married to a haunted house designer with an obsession for Halloween has virtually guaranteed that October is front and center in their home 365 days of the year.